Weekly Highlights

by Meg on July 21, 2014

Good morning, loves!

Thanks for all of your sweet words regarding my Uncle’s passing. This week has been a lot better, a lot more happy, filled with a lot of good moments with the people I love most!

As I mentioned last week, I’m a lot busier with school and studying than I had expected, so I won’t be blogging as frequently as I have in the past, but I’m thinking that a weekly post updating you on the highlights of my week will fit my schedule for now. So, here’s the first of a few Weekly Highlights posts!

Last night Eddie and I started a new series on Netflix. We’ve watched Dexter and Nurse Jackie in the past, and loved both, but last night we started the series Suits.


I’m not one to just sit in front of the TV and watch, but when I find a good series I don’t mind sitting down in the evenings and watching a few episodes. After dinner last night, Eddie and I watched the first two episodes of Suits and really like it. I think that acting is really good and I like the storyline, too! I highly recommend it.

Eddie and I have also been doing a lot of cooking together lately.

A few days ago we created a Mexican inspired cauliflower rice and served it along side smoked salmon.


Then yesterday morning I used the leftover Mexican cauliflower rice and mixed it with chicken and sweet potato then topped it with a dippy egg!


We don’t have a recipe for the rice just yet, but as soon as we have the specific amounts for the ingredients figured out and some nice pictures taken, I will share the recipe with you!

Yesterday we also experimented with organic ground lamb. We came across this organic ground lamb at Dad’s Organic Market and decided to treat ourselves to it. We both love burgers and I’ve never tried ground lamb before, so we made some burgers, grilled them up, and enjoyed them on Sunday afternoon for lunch!


They were the best burgers that have ever entered my mouth. Oh my goodness. There are no words to describe how delicious they were. Eddie also created a marinated salad to top them with. Stay tuned for recipes! :D

This coming week will include a lot of studying and time spent with my family! So, I will see you next Monday with another Weekly Highlights post! See you then!


Meg xo

Have you ever had a lamb burger before? What type of burger is your favourite?


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