High Five Friday #125

by Meg on August 15, 2014

Hey, guys!

I know it’s been a while, but I’m in the last week of studying for my final exam to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. So, forgive me for my absence! I plan to start blogging more regularly once my exam is done!

But, today I did want to pop in for a High Five Friday celebration since I received a couple of submissions!


Madelyn - I was thinking the fact that I successfully changed from moonfitness to mindbodymusings.com deserves a high five :)


Sara - First and foremost lets celebrate something AWESOME, the fact that I have officially reached Gold Level on the Starbucks app. Don’t ask me why I am so excited about this, or why I am so anxious to receive that little card – because I have NO clue.  Oh, and yesterday I even got to make a solo Starbucks trip because hubby came home for lunch. Pure bliss.

On Tuesday I had to go wake Lilly up at 10:00 because she was still asleep. It was super weird, but this Mama sure did enjoy sleeping in. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the adorable video of  Lilly falling asleep eating her dinner after a day without naps. Seriously so sweet!


I also had my first team member join my Jamberry team which is so exciting. I love Jamberry, and I am so excited to help another mama earn money from home. Since becoming a consultant I have earned a consistent income, and I even helped pay bills this week!

This week I’m giving myself a high five for really dedicating my time to school! I’ve said so many times in the past that “school comes before blogging”, but didn’t always follow through with that saying. But lately I’ve been really dedicating my time to school and putting my life before blogging as well. And it feels awesome.

What’s your high five today? Can’t wait to hear! :D


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