Book Review: Sexy By Nature

by Meg on November 25, 2014

Well, I finally finished Sexy By Nature by Stefani Ruper and, as promised, I will provide you a full review of my thoughts and opinions on the book today!



Every night for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending the last hour of my day reading this book. Ever since Stefani released her masterpiece, I knew I had to read it and I am so happy I did.

Stefani describes her book by saying…

“Sexy By Nature is a movement. It calls women to own and to love themselves as natural, evolved beings. It demands health, it demands love, and it demands recognition of the power, beauty, and unapologetic radiance of natural womanhood.”

She also says…

“This movement is about empowerment. It’s about embracing a woman’s body as a natural, evolved organism, and about using whatever experience and knowledge a woman has to nourish and love herself as that organism. Sexy By Nature is about owning womanhood as evolved, as powerful, as individual and real. It’s about saying yes to life and no to social norms about body image, identity, presentation, and lifestyle. Most of all, this movement is about being a woman, damn it all, and never, ever apologizing for that fact. This movement is about passion, about community, and about moving forward together in a radical attempt to overthrow American womanhood.” 

This book is sooooooooo powerful. I’m truly not much of a reader, but I couldn’t put this book down. It was glued to my hands and the moment I finished it, I felt like reading it again. I know it’s a book I will keep referring back to.

This book is broken up into 5 different sections:
1. Trailblaze
2. Nourish
3. Live
4. Overcome
5. Strut

Trailblaze is the section where Stefani challenges the rules we typically follow and sets new rules, health rules for a loving relationship with ourselves. One example of a new rule is “nourishment” vs. the old rule of “restriction”.

Nourish is the section with all the good stuff about real food and how to nourish your body for optimal health.

Live is the section that outlines important lifestyle factors that will facilitate a healthy, sexy by nature life. She touches on everything from exercise (ie. picking up heavy things) to proper sleep, stress management, and sex.

Overcome is the section where she offers advice on how to overcome any struggles you may be having with your health as a woman. From approaches to addressing your acne to suggestions on how to address your PMS, Stefani offers a huge amount of knowledge to her readers. This section reminded me of some of the textbooks I’ve read throughout my studies and I loved it. I was totally nerding out!

Strut, the last section, was perhaps my favourite section of all. This section is all about body love, confidence, fearlessness, loving your life, and truly understanding how to feel and be sexy. It’s the juiciest section of all and I loved every word of it. Mind you, I loved every word of this book!

Now that I’m done this book, I’m going to pass it on to my Mom and then a few of my female clients who would benefit from reading this book. Actually, every woman would benefit from reading this book.

If you’re struggling with PMS, this book is for you. The “Overcome” section would definitely help you with the suggestions it provides.

If you’re struggling with body image, this book is for you. It explains to you different ways of thinking about yourself to foster self love.

If you’re not struggling at all, but are a woman, this book is definitely for you. I’ve never really thought much of the word “sexy” before, but this book put “sexy” into a new light for me.

This book also has a lot of great quotes that stuck with me, but here is my overall favourite quote:

“Appreciate your body as it is today. Love it for the hardships it has endured and the healing it is doing at this very moment.”

One of my most favourite things about this book is the amount of emphasis Stefani puts on having patience with your body. Patience it sooooo important. Your body is always trying so hard, it’s hardest in fact, to keep you healthy and all we can do is show it love <3

Have you read Sexy By Nature yet? What were your thoughts?


PS: If you want to check out a post where I shared a few quotes from the book in a previous post check it out here!



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