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Eggplant Three Ways

October 14, 2011 | Dinner, Eat, Lunch, Recipes, Uncategorized | 18 Comments

Hello beauties Open-mouthed smile Tomorrow’s Friday! I hope Thursday treated you all well though Winking smile I got let out of class a whole hour early, so I can’t complain!

Did anyone try smiling to any strangers today? Smile If you did, make sure to leave a comment and let me know what their reaction was like!
I hope everyone got a smile back because you are all wonderful Open-mouthed smile

So today, you guys are getting lucky with three new recipes all of which have something in common… Winking smile

Eggplant! Smile

Even though eggplant is not particularly high in any specific vitamin or mineral, they are often a staple in many vegetarian diets due to their “meaty” texture. Personally, I love eggplant, so I thought I would make a few different eggplant recipes for all of you to try Smile

eggplant 021

I have always preferred savoury to sweet

eggplant 023

This quinoa dish combined with eggplant, portabella, and pine nuts definitely satisfies my needs for a savoury meal

eggplant 036

Balsamic Dijon Quinoa with Eggplant and Portabella

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa

1/2 medium – large eggplant

1 portabella

2 Tbsp pine nuts

2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 Tbsp dijon mustard, divided

Begin by cooking quinoa (I use 2:1 water to quinoa ratio when using my rice maker). Preheat oven to 375. Cube eggplant and portabella. In a dish, combine balsamic vinegar and half of the mustard. Toss eggplant and portabella in balsamic and dijon dressing. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until eggplant is tender. Meanwhile, toast pine nuts over low heat to prevent burning. Prepare dressing for quinoa by mixing remaining tablespoon of mustard with some water. Pour dressing over cooked quinoa. Add cooked eggplant, portabella, and pine nuts. Enjoy warm or as a cold salad.

Today I enjoyed this dish along side a can of tuna for lunch during my Clinical class Winking smile I promise you this quinoa dish smells much pretty than tuna and it’s fancier too! I would definitely serve this up for guests! The meatiness of the eggplant paired with the quinoa (a complete protein) allows this dish to be a wonderful vegetarian main course meal Smile

Next up, two versions of eggplant parmesan! Smile 

First, the breaded version. Even though it is breaded, since this is my blog and my recipe it is incredibly healthy Winking smile breading and all…

Eggplant Parmesan

Preheat oven to 375.

Prepare eggplant by slicing into coins. Submerge coins into egg whites and then coat in breading.

octi 007

per 2 eggplant coins

1 Tbsp wheat bran

garlic powder



octi 008

Place on foiled baking sheet and bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until tender.

octi 026

During the last few minutes of baking, spoon on marinara (I made a homemade marinara which doesn’t have a recipe, but I used tomato paste, freshly diced tomato, minced garlic, and italian spices) and top with cheese of choice! Tonight, I used vegan parmesan, but tomorrow I will be enjoying it will mozzarella.

Broil for the last few minutes to melt cheese.

Your house with smell all sorts of wonderful when making these beauties Smile I called my Mom tonight just to tell her how amazing my dinner tasted. I am sure my taste buds were screaming for joy Smile

The second version of eggplant parm I created is the non-breaded version. I just wanted to see which I preferred Smile It’s always fun to experiment with a single recipe! That’s how you get more comfortable in the kitchen Winking smile 

Eggplant Parmesan sans Breading

Preheat oven to 375

octi 024

Sprinkle eggplant coins with garlic powder and bake for 20 – 25 minutes or until tender.

In the last few minutes of baking, spoon on marinara (once again, I used my homemade marinara) and top with cheese of choice. I piled on the vegan parmesan Winking smile 

Broil for the last few minutes until cheese is melty and browned Smile

eggplant 040

eggplant 048

I served this lovely side dish along side chili rubbed tilapia

eggplant 042

Chili Rubbed Tilapia

Preheat oven to 350.

Season tilapia fillets with chili powder, garlic, and parsley.

Bake for 15 minutes or until cooked through.

I hope you all enjoyed these recipes Smile I sure did Winking smile My mouth began to water when searching through all of these pictures… Let your imagination run wild with how many pictures I snapped! I am a food picture taking freak! And I’m OK with that Winking smile 

Have a wonderful evening everyone! I will be back tomorrow with some more recipes and a workout for you all to try Smile 

Have you cooked with eggplant before?
Do you follow a recipe when you cook?
Savoury or sweet?

I noticed this quote on Twitter today and it totally jives with my post from last night! Smile I thought you all would enjoy it…

“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you”.
– Peace Pilgram

Sweet dreams friends!


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  1. Reply


    October 13, 2011

    Hmm, I am an eggplant virgin but these look too good to pass up! Will be adding this to my grocery list 😉 Like always, I look forward to reading tomorrow’s post.

    ps: I forgot to try the smiling at a stranger but will try to remember tomorrow! 😉

  2. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    Can I make these to meet my dietary needs would you be offended? 🙂

  3. Reply

    Emily Dryden

    October 14, 2011

    I looove eggplant! These recipes look delicious- especially the quinoa dish! Thanks for sharing them!
    When I cook, I usually start out with a recipe in mind but always end up tweaking things as I go along. It’s more fun that way. And I’m more of a savory girl too! (But my sweet-tooth makes regular appearances, as well!) My preferences seem to change on a daily basis. (:

  4. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    I’ve actually only had eggplant once in my life and I don’t really remember what it tasted like. With these awesome recipes I gotta try it again for sure! Thanks for sharing, love! 😀
    When it comes to taste, I’m sweet all the way, I crave it nonstop, especially fruit heehee
    Happy Friday!!!

  5. Reply

    Kate @ Chasing It

    October 14, 2011

    I LOVE EGGPLANT!! I’m actually half Sicilian, so it’s definitely a staple in my family’s cooking repertoire…I see it about 2x a week haha. I’ve definitely put it in quinoa before, but never thought to add dijon/tuna, that’s an awesome idea.

    love that quote, too! definitely a good motivator to do some more smiling 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  6. Reply

    These recipes all look so good Meg! Especially the quinoa dish. 😀

    I don’t cook with eggplant that often because I’m sort of ambivalent towards it – I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. 😛 I have made breaded eggplant before though and it was delicious! Also roasted eggplant in a goat cheese + roasted veggie panini is amazing!

    Do you have your Dietary Assessment midterm today? If you do, good luck!!!

  7. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    How many servings for each recipe? And do you eat cheese other than vegan cheese?

  8. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    Wow lots of yummy recipes!!! My fav way to eat eggplant is on pizza! I roast it first then throw it on a homemade pizza. So delish!!!

  9. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    I fracking LOVE eggplant! I love making mini pizzas with em 😀 Super tasty and gluten freeee

  10. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    Awesome recipes, they all look really yummy! I love grilled eggplant, mmm with chicken. Eggplant parm is really good too, like your ‘sans breading’ such a good idea!

  11. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    Eggplant is SO hit or miss! When prepared well, though, it is sooo good.
    My friends and I have made eggplant lasagna in the past, which is amazing but very labor/time intensive. You have to soak the eggplant, salt it, saute it, and then bake the whole lasagna. Worth it by the end, though.

  12. Reply


    October 14, 2011

    I have an eggplant sitting lonely in the fridge atm which wants using, thank you so much for these recipes 🙂 My fave is the sans breading one and your fish looks sooo good. I like savoury and sweet stuff together best – like pita bread with jam and cottage cheese or something or chicken mango salad. Have a lovely weekend chica!

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