December 2011

Friday Favourites: Christmas Presents

December 30, 2011

Hello friends and Happy Friday!  It seems as though the week after Christmas always flies by and it is the new year before we know it… I really have no plans for new years. I am not much of a “new years person”(if that’s a type of person – I’m not sure, but you get […]

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For the Love of Leftovers

December 29, 2011

Hey friends Thank you for all of the wonderful comments after yesterdays post! It’s great to know that I am not the only one who deals with “fear” or “forbidden” foods. And thank you to all of you who shared similar experiences; it’s always comforting to hear about what others have gone through when dealing […]

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A Different Way of Saying Forbidden

December 28, 2011

Hello friends and happy Wednesday   Way back in October, I spoke about how I find it extremely important and beneficial for myself to take some time to reflect on my current situation and make sure ED isn’t making any rules within my life. I am no longer obeying ED, but I must admit ED […]

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Christmas Only Comes Once a Year

December 27, 2011

Call me “Captain Obvious”, but it truly is important to remember that Christmas does only come once a year… As we approached the holidays this year I felt overwhelmed and slightly upset with the abundance of articles focusing on how to have a “stress-free holiday” or a “healthy holiday”. Personally, I found these articles to […]

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A Little Christmas Wish From Us to You!

December 25, 2011

Cuddles and I are keeping busy spreading Christmas cheer and soaking in all of the joys of being home for the holidays, but would like to quickly wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Miss you all! Talk soon,Megxoxoxoxoxoxo

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