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Beautiful Day

February 26, 2012 | Breakfast, Dinner, Eat, Lunch, Snack, Social Life | 32 Comments

Hello lovies! How is everyone’s Sunday so far? Smile

I have one word to describe my Sunday so far – long.

My Mom and I set our alarms for 3:30 AM this morning, so we could be up and leave our hotel room by 4:15. I had to board by flight at 5 and we took flight at 5:30! I did catch a few z’s on the plane, but minimal. I was trying out my new toy

but, I still had a hard time getting comfortable, so, instead, I munched on the meal I packed for myself (sweet potato, salmon, and broccoli) while reading a the new magazine I bought before my flight left.


Yes, you read that right – my first meal of the day was sweet potato, salmon, and broccoli. I am sure many of you are thinking “for breakfast!?”, well, I too am more of a sweet over savoury breakfast-type person, but how could a salmon-lover like me turn down Daddy’s smoked salmon?

feb break3 017feb break3 019

Daddy decided to try smoking a fresh salmon fillet on his Traeger and let’s just say it was the best salmon that has ever entered my mouth and I would be happy to have it for breakfast any day Winking smile Thanks Daddy <3

Once I landed in Toronto, it was time to refuel again. So, I made myself a tuna salad


and then did what I do best – shopping!

luggage 001

I bought myself a new piece of luggage, so I wouldn’t have to haul a backpack around the airport on my back while I wait between flights. I was happy with my purchase and my back was thankful, too Smile

And now I am home. As in my London home…

At first, I was glum. I was stuck in a mindset and had myself feeling really homesick. There were even tears on the cab ride home from the airport, but then this song came on…

And suddenly, I found the strength to look past everything that I was dwelling on.

Being away from my parents… Cuddles… everyone else I love…

And, instead, cherish the memories that I made over the past week Smile Because it truly was a wonderful week that needs to be cherished <3

I got to spend a week with just my Daddy! Something that doesn’t usually happen very often!


I also got to spend last night with my Mommy! We had a dinner date, just us(!), and then painted each others nails Smile

feb break4 013feb break4 014feb break4 015feb break4 010
Cuddles had to get in on the action, too! <3
feb break4 020

And best of all, this is how I spent the last moments of my time back home <3


This morning Cuddles crawled right on top of me and snuggled with me until we had to leave for the airport <3 It was so special Smile

And now I am home. And this time, I am saying that with a smile on my face Smile I had a wonderful week at home and wouldn’t have traded it for anything <3

Now, it’s time to get back into my routine.

But first, I have to have my first “official” breakfast of the day Winking smile

SPPancake 007

Like I said, the salmon was amazing…
My tuna salad at 10:00 this morning was even good…
But, you got to fit those pancakes into your day at some point! Right!? Winking smile

When was the last time you felt homesick?
What is a song that you find capable of turning around your mood?
How are you spending your Sunday?
I just finished eating my pancakes, so I am leaving for grocery shopping now! Smile I am not liking how bare my fridge is!

Love you!

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  1. Reply


    February 26, 2012

    What I love about you most is how much you love your family 🙂 So sweet! Family is everything in life, if you don’t have family, you have nothing!

    I am so glad you got some quality family time in this past week, soon enough you will see them again! Always cherish the moments you do have, as I know you do!

    Happy Sunday! <3

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      Thanks Katie 🙂 Thanks so much <3 I love my family and I know you do too! xoxo I love that

  2. Reply

    Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats

    February 26, 2012

    So glad you had a fun trip back home girly! 🙂 I’m feeling a bit homesick right now just because I was so used to having my family around for a couple of months but I will get used to it! I did some cardio this morning, went to Whole Foods, found the building for my first day of work on Tuesday, and went and bought some scrubs for work. I think I am going to do some food prep this afternoon!

  3. Reply

    Yolie @ Practising Wellness

    February 26, 2012

    Aaah, this is such a beautiful, lovely, positive, post, meg! You’re just too sweet! 😉 I think you have a beautiful relationship with your family, that is lovely to see. and with your gorgeous little cuddles…I know how thankful they all are for your love and hugs! <3
    Hehehe…I would TOTALLY have eaten salmon, sweet potato and broccoli for my first meal too…YUMMY! 😀 Sounds perfect. And your dinner out with your Mum looks heavenly! Something I would definitely order – ahhh…I look forward to meeting up some time, and eating fish, practising yoga and lifting weigths, lol! 😉 I hope you enjoyed the mag!
    A song that always lifts me is "Good Life" by one republic. I adore that song, and it has lifted me often when I am sad. So life-affirming! <3 Sending you big squeezes for the homesickness…I completely know how that feels! ALL my love to you, sweetie – love you! <3 xyx

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      We will definitely meet up some day love and do ALL of those wonderful things 😀

  4. Reply

    Yolie @ Practising Wellness

    February 26, 2012

    * by gorgeous little Cuddles I was referring to your little woof. 🙂 Just in care that was ambiguous, lol! 😛 Just wanted to share a quote with you that I thought you might like…”don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. <3 Big smiles! 😀 xyx

  5. Reply

    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    February 26, 2012

    Aww it looks like you had fun, but I understand that you may be sad it’s over 🙁 Rob used to have raw steak for breakfast. That was something else!

    PS. I will email you later today! It’s been so hard without having internet but I haven’t forgotten xx

  6. Reply

    3:30am wake up?! gahhh so early! sorry you felt really homesick 🙁 that happened to me in the beginning of the year when my mom and sister came to visit me. as soon as they left, i went straight to my room and cried my eyes out. then i called my dad and things got better 🙂

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      it’s great to have wonderful Dad’s 😀

  7. Reply

    Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    February 26, 2012

    Hahaha I love how you had salmon for your first meal. I don’t think I could do it! 😛 That salmon DOES look fantastic though!

    I’m so happy that you’re still having a good day despite leaving your family. I’m feeling a bit homesick right now, so reading about your positivity has made me feel better! 🙂

  8. Reply


    February 27, 2012

    Ahh this post made me so homesick!! I’m glad you had a good trip home though <3

  9. Reply

    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    February 27, 2012

    i get homesick occasionally, but it’s more that i miss my family. they’ve all moved away from the “home” i grew up in. but i definitely miss being close to them. but even though we’ve all moved away, i do still miss the “home” i grew up in and all the friends i have there too.

  10. Reply

    Aw, I’m so happy you got to see your family hun! Like you, I love being able to spend time with mine! I was actually really homesick while my grandpa was sick..I just wanted to be with everyone. That’s why I’m so thankful I was able to fly home for the funeral!

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      I was happy you got to be with them too sweetie <3

  11. Reply

    Kate @ Chasing It

    February 27, 2012

    Awww! it sounds like you had a great last night with cuddles and your mom! painting each others nails is SO fun :-D. And WOW what an early flight!! No shame in having salmon for breakfast – I’ve had leftover homemade pizza for breakfast before and hey, its delicious ANY time of day 😀 I know how you feel about coming back to school – I always always used to get SO homesick right when I came back from break. usually all it took was walking into my room and having my roommate greet me with a huge hug, and I felt right at home again! So glad you got back safely and had some pancakes, and I bet you’re all set for an AWESOME second half of the semester 😀

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      thanks babe 🙂 gosh I love your comments xoxo

  12. Reply


    February 27, 2012

    You and your family are adorable! I love it. I also love salmon, my boyfriend’s parents make it for me but I’m not entirely sure how 😛 So glad you had fun at home!! xo

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      I should teach you sometime 😉 I pretty much rock at making salmon hahaha 😉

  13. Reply

    Sara @ Nourish and Flourish

    February 27, 2012

    Aww, hun, this post brought tears to my eyes! But they were happy tears because I know you genuinely mean what you say. You are so good at finding the silver lining in every situation! It sounds like you had an incredible week with your family, and even though the separation is SO hard, you’re choosing to focus on what you gained from being with them instead of what you’re missing. I feel exactly the same way about my family. Whenever I return to Washington DC, I cry, but then realize how fortunate I am to have loved ones who care about me.

    Oh my goodness, your Dad’s salmon looks amazing! Could he send some to me too? And those pancakes! No words except YUM!

    Love you! xoxo <3

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      HAHA Oh Sara, why have we not met yet? Love you so much and I appreciate all of your comments! Thank you so much <3

      And I am sure my Daddy would LOVE to make you salmon. He loves cooking for others 😀 Especially sweet people like you babe

  14. Reply


    February 27, 2012

    I’ve had my protein pancakes for dinner…many times! Have a great week! p.s. Get yourself some PB2 😉

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      I KNOW!!!! I have been thinking of it non stop since your post hahahahah

  15. Reply

    That’s great you were able to spend time with your family, I can only image how much you must miss them when you are back here! I’ve had potato with my breakfast the past few days, not salmon though haha! That salmon sure looks great though! 🙂

  16. Reply

    I did the back to London grocery shop and then saw my friends! I still have to do my laundry and finish cleaning…maybe tonight after a long day on campus! WELCOME BACK!

  17. Reply


    February 27, 2012

    aww soo great you were able to spend that time with your family. I rarely get to go home but when I do I loove the girl time I get with my mom. 🙂

  18. Reply

    Paige @ Running Around Normal

    February 27, 2012

    Awww you had such a great week, Meg! Hope this week is easier than you anticipate 🙂

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      Awwww thanks so much Paige! XOXO

  19. Reply

    Kristi @ Sweetly Fit

    February 27, 2012

    Smoked salmon for breakfast?!? NOW you’re speaking my language! That looks uhhhh-mazing, major props to your daddy-o. 😉

    I get homesick too but it always helps to know that they are only a phone call away!

    • Reply


      February 29, 2012

      Oh girl, don’t we ALWAYS speak each others language when it comes to food?;)

  20. Reply

    Life's a Bowl

    February 28, 2012

    Aw, I had a rush of homesickness whenever I had to go back to school after spending time at home with my family and friends- the hardest part was having to say TTFN… I spend my Sunday shopping too, but not for luggage, rather for our wedding!!!

    P.S. I have a hard time making up my mind between sweet and savory for bfast so a lot of the time I’ll have a little of both [example this morning] ;P

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