April 2012

Guest Post: A Twist on Your Usual Sushi Roll

April 30, 2012

Hello loves! Gosh, it has only been a day and I already miss you! I can’t wait to get back on do a recap of my trip ;)  However, before that happens I have a ton of amazing guest posts to share with you! Today, we have a recipe from one of the sweetest and […]

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Guest Post: Overcoming an Addiction

April 29, 2012

Good morning everyone! Thank you for all of the positive feedback after yesterday’s post. It is an incredible feeling to receive so much support from all of you. I love the blogging community; it is truly an amazing thing to be a part of <3 Today, we have a guest post from a very close […]

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Take Me to the Beach

April 28, 2012

So… who else hates packing? Seriously, though. Isn’t it the worst task ever? I started to pack on Thursday night, but got frustrated so I decided to put it off until yesterday. To no surprise, I didn’t find myself spending any time packing throughout the day whatsoever. Even though I had absolutely nothing to do […]

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High Five Friday #13: Personal Bests

April 27, 2012

FRIDAY!? You bet it is Before we get our High Five Friday party pants on I need to cover a few things first: 1. Apparently I need to try roasting my squash with the skin on? After yesterdays post, I learnt that the majority of you just leave the skin on! Next time I bake […]

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How To Vlog: Preparing Butternut Squash

April 26, 2012

Good morning loves! Can I get a “wahoo!” for tomorrow being Friday? Or better yet, a “wahoo!” for today being the day of my last final exam!? It’s been a long week of studying for this last exam and I am more than ready to just get it over with! But enough about school… I […]

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