Sweat It Out Saturday is here! If you are new to SIOS, check out Stefanies blog for more details!
Since I will be talking about my recent sweats, I also thought that it would be a good idea to do a check in for the Eat Clean Sweat Dirty challenge happening over on Katelyns blog! So, there will be an update of my clean eats, too!
Sweat Sessions I took three days of rest when I went to go visit my Grams this week, so when I got back home I was ready to hit the gym once again and start the fifth week of my six-week training program from my trainer, Tara!

The fifth week of my training looks like this:

Thursday rest
Friday legs
Today chest, biceps & abs
Sunday back & triceps
Monday legs (plyometric)
Tuesday rest
Wednesday shoulders & abs

I felt strong throughout yesterdays workout after coming off of my three days of rest. I was able to increase my weights for my back squats and alternating lunges. I can also notice that my calves are getting stronger, too! My legs have always been the weakest part of my body (which is strange since I dance for the majority of my life), so when I can notice that I am gaining strength I get so excited!

Clean Eats This is what a typical day looks like for me! 6:00 am: Breakfast

A typical breakfast for me consists of a bowl of creamy steel cut oats which I cook in almond milk and water with a side of eggs (4 egg whites and 1 whole egg).

7:45 8:30 am: Training
My workouts consist of eight different exercises which takes me forty five minutes max to complete. I love being in and out of the gym under an hour!

Immediately following my workout: PWO shake

Lately I have been loving a smoothie combination given to me from one of my best friends, Laura. Laura and I both love ginger in our smoothies (or in anything for that matter)! So instead of blending my usual spicy pear-ginger smoothie, Laura said peach-ginger is a great combo, too! So, my PWO shakes have been looking like this lately:

Ginger Peach Protein Shake 1 peach (or nectarine) 1 2 tsp minced ginger (or a few shakes of powdered ginger)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

ice water

Blend all together and enjoy!

This is definitely my favourite mix at the moment. I also enjoy the fact that I think of Laura every time I have it

9:00 am: PWO meal
I follow my PWO shake up with a solid meal once I get home from the gym. It is usually either a chicken sandwich, chicken and rice, chicken and sweet potato, a bowl of oats and scrambled eggs, or tuna on rice crackers.

Always complex carbs and lean protein!

12:00 pm: Lunch

Mixed greens, asparagus, quinoa, and a grilled salmon fillet. (Cait I know you are drooling))

3:00 3:30 pm: Mid-afternoon meal

Homemade sushi! Nori paper, brown rice, cucumber, avocado, crab

6:00 6:30 pm: Dinner

Deconstructed sushi salad (recipe will be posted tomorrow!)

9:30 pm: Bedtime snack

Chocolate casein pudding and almond butter

Well there you have it friends! An update on my training and eating! I hope you enjoyed!
Have a great Saturday, friends! Tomorrow will be a recipe and some life updates! Exciting news to come!