January 2013

High Five Friday #51

January 31, 2013

Well, it’s officially Friday! Who’s ready for the 51st celebration of High Five Friday!? Once again, thanks for making the 50th HFF the biggest yet! I love you all and your support is incredible! It always blows me away! Seriously, it always blows me away! Like now. We have a huge HFF once again, so […]

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01/31: Thankful Thursday

January 31, 2013

The last day of January and there’s no snow on the ground. The weather is so nice and mild! I’m able to walk around in jeansĀ Lululemon pants and light-weight shirts. I love it! I am so thankful for this weather and definitely still not used to it after living in Saskatchewan for the majority of […]

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WIAW: Dinnfast

January 30, 2013

My love for whipped cottage cheese mixed with quinoa is no joke. I could eat it every day all day, but as enticing as that is… I like variety. So, I eat it every day, but not all day. I usually eat my favourite meal of the day half way through the day, for lunch, […]

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Better Than the Best

January 29, 2013

Good, better, best Never let it rest Until the good is better and the better is best This was a song my second grade teacher used to sing to my class, but it’s still something I repeat to myself today. Although I may not apply the message of this song to my piano playing skills […]

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01/28: MIMM

January 28, 2013

Did you know cuddling releases oxytocin? Did you know oxytocin speeds wound healing and is associated with feelings of contentment, relaxation, and calmness? I didn’t, but after reading this fun fact blog postĀ I did. Along with 59 other random pieces of information that made me smile. Seriously, how awesome is it that rats giggle when […]

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