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01/31: Thankful Thursday

The last day of January and there’s no snow on the ground.


The weather is so nice and mild! I’m able to walk around in jeans Lululemon pants and light-weight shirts. I love it! I am so thankful for this weather and definitely still not used to it after living in Saskatchewan for the majority of my life.

Speaking of being thankful, today is Thankful Thursday so it’s time for me to share what I’ve been thankful for this week! :)

Friday Jan. 25 – On Friday I was thankful for the time spent FaceTiming Abby.


This girl is truly one of my best friends and I don’t know what I’d do without her. Seriously, going 10 minutes without texting her seems like the end of the world.

Saturday Jan. 26 – On Saturday I was thankful for my personal trainer’s Facebook status (he was referring to me 😉 I was his only client that day!) It made me feel incredibly special! :)

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 3.55.45 PM

Sunday Jan. 27 – On Sunday I was thankful for Sara asking me to go to Blend with her and being able to snag 1 of the 125 tickets that went on sale!

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.06.27 PM

I’m so excited to meet a lot of new blends in May! :)

Monday Jan. 28 – On Monday I was thankful for getting my blog working again! Something happened over the weekend and no one was able to comment on my blog, but with some help from Christina I was able to solve the problem! :)

Tuesday Jan. 29 – On Tuesday I was thankful for Madeline and her knowledge with WordPress! She helped me install and activate a new plugin for my blog so you will receive emails from me whenever I respond to one of your comments on my posts! :)

Wednesday Jan. 30 – On Wednesday I was thankful for my friend, Kara (a Registered Dietitian from my hometown), who offered her time to me and proofread an article I wrote.

Thursday Jan. 31 – Today I am thankful for how I’m about to spend my day! :) Today is my first day at the elementary school for the independent study course I’m taking this term and I am so excited! It’s “Outdoor Play Day” at the elementary school, so there’s a lot of fun happening there today! I’m so thankful to be a part of it :)

Have a great day love bugs and don’t forget to email me your high fives for tomorrow’s post! :)

Love always,

Meg xo

What have you been thankful for this week?

Are you going to the Blend Retreat?


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  1. Reply

    Picky Nicky

    January 31, 2013

    lol at your trainers meal 😛 at least he’s honest!

  2. Reply

    Thanks for the shout out 😉 I’m thankful for YOU too!

  3. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    Awww! So many things to be thankful for! :) I wanna go on the Blend retreat!

  4. Reply

    So many things to be thankful for! What a great week you had. I’m so sad I can’t make it to blend this year but I think it’s going to be a blast!

  5. Reply

    Linz @ Itz Linz

    January 31, 2013

    That’s so sweet of your trainer!!!

  6. Reply

    Liv @ lifeasliv

    January 31, 2013

    You’re going to have such a blast on the blend retreat!

  7. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    I’m so sad I can’t go to Blend this year because of my graduation, but you can bet on the fact that I’m going to see you somehow. :-) Xoxo

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      Thank goodness 😉

  8. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    There’s always so much goodness for which we can be thankful, and I’m thankful for that! 😀 Enjoy Blend retreat!

  9. Reply

    Kaitlin @4loveofcarrots

    January 31, 2013

    your trainer is so sweet!! I wish I could go to Blend but I will be headed to Germany :)

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      WOW! Well, I think that’s ok too 😉

  10. Reply

    Alisha @ Alisha's Appetiet

    January 31, 2013

    What a cute fb status your trainer wrote!

  11. Reply

    Katie @ KatieEnPursuit

    January 31, 2013

    Isn’t it an awesome feeling to have so much to be thankful for? Sounds like you had a fab week!

  12. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    What an amazing week you’ve had! Full of blessings, love it! Want to skype again sometime this week?! I wish I was going to Blend, I decided I should save my money hopefully go to HLS again!

  13. Reply

    Alex @ therunwithin

    January 31, 2013

    haha that sounds like a pretty awesome trainer!

  14. Reply

    Cassie @RedLetterDaye

    January 31, 2013

    It’s such a great feeling to be recognized for your effort and dedication! Congrats! I actually got a great performance review (which includes a raise) from my boss today, and I’m so thankful for my job and how much they appreciate me. :)

    I wish I was going to the blend retreat, but hopefully next year!

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      Wow Cassie!!!!! 😀 That’s amazing! Congrats on the raise! You should have submitted a high five 😉

  15. Reply

    Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    January 31, 2013

    Ahh working at elementary schools is such a blessing and such a blast! I miss it :( I hope you have a great day Meg! And that’s pretty cool that your trainer thinks of you as his hardest working client 😀

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      Thanks Ellie 😀

  16. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    I wish I was going to the BLEND retreat. You’re so lucky! It’s always nice to see a facebook status to surprise you :)

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      I wish you were coming too!!!! 😀

  17. Reply

    Kaila @healthyhelperblog!

    January 31, 2013

    Oooh which plugin was it?! I’ve been looking for something like that!

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      I think it’s called replyme babe! :)

  18. Reply


    January 31, 2013

    yes!! Lori and I are going…wahoo sis!

    • Reply


      February 3, 2013

      cannot wait to meet my sisters!

  19. Reply

    Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats

    February 5, 2013

    Aww :) I’m catching up on posts tonight! You are so sweet! Love you!

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