Does anyone remember when I did Meatless Monday recipes each Monday of the week way back when? Looking back, I realized I created some pretty amazing recipes Curried Tofu over Quinoa and Kale Tofu Collard Wraps Zucchini Noodles with Chickpeas and… Read more >


When I graduated from grade 8, my class completed a fun survey that instructed each student to vote for and give their fellow classmates different behaviour descriptions or memorable personality traits.I was voted to be the social butterfly of the… Read more >


Im happy to say that I think I rocked my first exam yesterday.I am also happy to say that I was exceptionally productive for the entire day yesterday. After my exam I was able to focus on studying for todays… Read more >

A Casein VLOG!

With being done classes now, it feels like every day is a weekend day for me, so it really doesnt matter if its Friday or Monday.Whichever day comes along I know my plan for the day either way: study. Oh,… Read more >

High Five Friday #8 And FLOW

What a wonderful week it has been! The weather, the moments, and just life in general – this week has been amazing I think everything seems better when you can wear summer dresses though, don’t you? For this entire week… Read more >

Chef Meg?

I’m just going to start off by being honest with you all…I think I should just become a chef already.I know that sounds extremely cocky, a bit too confident, and somewhat swollen-headed, but after you finish reading this post I… Read more >


Let’s celebrate our successes, accomplishments, and abilities. All of us need to start being proud of ourselves and celebrating our achievements.Whether it be landing a new job, running a race, or graduating, we need to start celebrating and noting the… Read more >

Creamy and Coconut-y

Good morning everyone Smile I just finished breakfast here, an omelette and a warm creamy bowl of oats with fruit, so I am about to leave for the gym soon. But before I go, I wanted to share a new… Read more >

Healing My Digestion: Part 1

On Monday I wrote about why I started my first Whole 30. If you missed that post you can read more here, but for a quick summary, my main reason to do Whole 30 is to continue to heal my digestion. I… Read more >


Thanks for all of your support regarding the big news I shared with you yesterday! Eddie and I both very excited to move to Saskatchewan and start our life together. We arrived back in London late last night and will… Read more >