I am really excited for today. I know, I know I say that every week, but Im serious! Im so excited that today is HFF! We have a huge celebration today! There were so many HFF submissions which made me incredibly happy! There are so many new HFF… Read more >


When I think of a tulip I think of spring, new beginnings, and the bed of tulips that bloom year after year under my parents bedroom window.What comes to mind when you think of a tulip? Not one thought that… Read more >

High Five Friday #19

Well, another fantastic week is complete! Friday is here and that means a High Five Friday celebration is about to take place!This week theres a lot to celebrate, so lets get the ball rolling with some incredible high five submissions… Read more >


FRIDAY! Gosh, doesnt it feel good hearing that it is Friday? Even though Monday was a long weekend and this week literally flew by due to my little getaway, I am relieved to hear that it is Friday. I suppose… Read more >

High Five Friday

What is High Five Friday? High Five Friday is an event in which I launched  in order to take time to celebrate our weekly achievements, successes, and abilities. Within a week we accomplish so much, but forget to give ourselves… Read more >