High Five Friday

What is High Five Friday? High Five Friday is an event in which I launched  in order to take time to celebrate our weekly achievements, successes, and abilities. Within a week we accomplish so much, but forget to give ourselves credit for all that we do, so High Five Friday allows us to take the time and recognize these important accomplishments.

When does High Five Friday take place? High Five Friday takes place every Friday of every week! So, if you missed out on the celebration this week, join in on the fun next week!

Who is able to take part in High Five Friday? High Five Friday is open to everyone! If you have a blog or if you do not have a blog, I encourage all of us to celebrate!

How can I take part in High Five Friday? In each of my High Five Friday posts there will be a link for bloggers to link their High Five Friday post to my blog which allows for an even bigger celebration! So dont forget to link up and announce your successes to the entire blog community! In addition to linking to my blog, you are also able to use the High Five Friday image within your post