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Figs are, in my opinion, one of the worlds most beautiful fruitsI have no idea why it took me so many years to try one. It wasnt until last year that I tried my very first fig and now whenever… Read more >

What I Want More Than Anything

On Saturday I said that I would come back on Monday with a Marvelous Monday post, but I have something else to get off of my chest instead. So, Marvelous Monday will have to wait until next week. Sorry, Katie. … Read more >


I am really excited for today. I know, I know I say that every week, but Im serious! Im so excited that today is HFF! We have a huge celebration today! There were so many HFF submissions which made me incredibly happy! There are so many new HFF… Read more >

A Successful Microwave Cake

Not only do I love writing the posts every Thursday evening, but I also enjoy all of the positivity on Friday resulting from High Five Friday! Tweets, comments, and other HFF posts are all radiating with the positivity that I… Read more >


When I think of a tulip I think of spring, new beginnings, and the bed of tulips that bloom year after year under my parents bedroom window.What comes to mind when you think of a tulip? Not one thought that… Read more >

High Five Friday #19

Well, another fantastic week is complete! Friday is here and that means a High Five Friday celebration is about to take place!This week theres a lot to celebrate, so lets get the ball rolling with some incredible high five submissions… Read more >


FRIDAY! Gosh, doesnt it feel good hearing that it is Friday? Even though Monday was a long weekend and this week literally flew by due to my little getaway, I am relieved to hear that it is Friday. I suppose… Read more >

High Five Friday

What is High Five Friday? High Five Friday is an event in which I launched  in order to take time to celebrate our weekly achievements, successes, and abilities. Within a week we accomplish so much, but forget to give ourselves… Read more >