April/May Workout Program

April 8, 2014

Good morning, loves! I’m really excited for today because I’m starting a new workout program! Since January, I’ve been writing my own programs and sharing them with you. You can find my past two programs here and here. It’s funny to think that back in January I was extremely intimidated by writing my own programs, […]

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50% More In March & A Giveaway!

March 5, 2014

It’s a new month and, with every new month, many of us seem to make new goals. Have you made any new goals this month? In the past, I’ve made long lists at the beginning of every month of new things I wanted to do, goals I wanted to accomplish, and changes I wanted to make. […]

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February/March Workout Program

February 25, 2014

Good morning! Back in January I started a new workout program that I wrote for myself. This particular workout program made me anxious, nervous, intimidated, and excited all at the same time. I was nervous because it was the first workout program I had ever written for myself by myself. I was excited and anxious […]

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My New Mizuno’s & Sprint WOD

August 7, 2013

I’m so happy with the feedback I’ve been receiving after my GPP posts! Thank you for sending me questions, so I could develop yesterday’s Q&A as well as the What Is GPP and GPP vs. CrossFit posts. I hope you’ve learnt a lot, but if you have any more questions please let me know! Today we’re […]

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Why GPP Makes Sense For Me

August 1, 2013

Now that you have a better understanding of what GPP is, I wanted to share with you why it is a perfect fit for me and why it might be the perfect fit for you, too. If you had asked me why I exercised a year ago I would have said, “to build confidence, improve […]

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