A New Workout Program & Postworkout Fuel

June 17, 2014

Well, it’s been quite a few weeks (or months) since I’ve shared a workout program, so I thought I’d update you today on what I’m doing in the gym and a new supplement company I’ve been working with and loving! First, let’s talk workouts! I just finished up this workout program that I shared with […]

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April/May Workout Program

April 8, 2014

Good morning, loves! I’m really excited for today because I’m starting a new workout program! Since January, I’ve been writing my own programs and sharing them with you. You can find my past two programs here and here. It’s funny to think that back in January I was extremely intimidated by writing my own programs, […]

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My Health Journey: The Workouts

March 24, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some spring-like weather wherever you are! Unfortunately, spring has not sprung in London yet, but hopefully it’ll come soon! I’m in desperate need of some sunshine! Today I will be continuing on with my new series, My Health Journey, where I’ve been […]

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February/March Workout Program

February 25, 2014

Good morning! Back in January I started a new workout program that I wrote for myself. This particular workout program made me anxious, nervous, intimidated, and excited all at the same time. I was nervous because it was the first workout program I had ever written for myself by myself. I was excited and anxious […]

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How To Finish Your Workout

January 21, 2014

Yesterday I shared my current workout program with you, but what I didn’t share is how I end my workouts. Every now and then I feel like doing a little bit more. You know, giving that little extra push to make sure I really¬†gave it my all. When I feel this way, I end my […]

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