A Casein VLOG!

With being done classes now, it feels like every day is a weekend day for me, so it really doesnt matter if its Friday or Monday.Whichever day comes along I know my plan for the day either way: study.

Oh, my life has been full of studying lately, but I do have some fun planned for the next few upcoming days!
Tonight I have a dinner to attend with the new association, SHEA, that I am the Public Relations Coordinator for. We will be going to Crave which is a restaurant I aways enjoy going to; I see a seafood entree in my future

On Friday I have two outings planned; a lunch date at Veg Out with a darling friend of mine who I have not spent near enough time with this year and a dinner/study date with my twins We are planning on studying all afternoon and then capping off the night by treating ourselves to sushi

Sounds like a pretty good weekend doesnt it?
Of course, there will also be some awesome workouts thrown into the mix, as well  The two workouts that I have done so far this week have been amazing. Yesterdays chest workout was by far the toughest chest workout I have ever done. It was fabulous

Speaking of working out

We all know the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to physical activity and keeping healthy! Yesterday, I received a few questions as to what casein was, so I thought it would be fun to explain in a vlog while showing you how I make my casein fudge!