Good morning and happy Friday Im so happy to hear that youve been enjoying my posts lately I seriously had the best day ever yesterday just because all of your amazing feedback lately! I cannot thank you enough. All of your lovely comments and emails truly make my day <3
Now that you know how much I appreciate all of you, lets show some appreciation for ourselves with High Five Friday!

I really wanted to make this the biggest HFF to date, so, for the first time ever, I asked for submissions in order to expand the audience touched upon on HFFs. Of course, this new process to HFF will take some time to catch on, but I have faith in it! 🙂 So, make sure you email me your accomplishments as the week goes on for next HFF!
Sarah from Feeeding the Brain and Body says, I am giving myself a high five for giving myself a high five. Confused? Let me explain: I find it very hard to appreciate my strengths but rather focus on my weaknesses or where I could improve. So last week when Meg invited us to email her a high five about OURSELVES I immediately thought No way, not me, no accomplishments here.

However throughout the week I was constantly reminded of how important self-compassion is, especially after reading Alexs post at The Run Within! So I decided so practice self compassion, and self empowerment and give myself a high five. A high five for being me: for all my weaknesses, for all my strengths, and for all my determination to constantly improve. A message for anyone else that struggles with being too hard on themselves: give yourself a pat on the back from me!

Christine from Reminisceering says, I finally started training for my second full marathon in the past year. Ill be running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October, but this marathon has a very special purpose behind it.

If you havent heard of Team in Training, it is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societys endurance sports training program. I had my first training run this past Saturday, and also have begun to plan out my fundraising goals and strategies. I have a large goal of raising $3,000 for the fight against cancer in the next 4 to 5 months, and I am excited but extremely nervous about this challenge.

Jocelyn from Peace Love Nutrition says, I’m proud of myself for being in a bit of a rut and not turning to food as my comfort.

Megan from Weddings and Workouts says, I FINALLY made a green smoothie. Well it actually wasn’t green, but I did add baby spinach. The thought of putting veggies in a smoothie always weirded me out (don’t know why, because I love veggie juice), but I dont know what I was so worried about. I could even taste it! So I’m proud of nyself for trying something new

Lisa from Lisa Lately says, I am proud of myself this week because I have set myself an exercise restriction, no working out for over 50 minutes. And I have increased my calories! Its hard, but worth it.

Thanks for the submissions girls!  Looking forward to next weeks HFF now! But dont I always?

Ive noticed some wonderful accomplishments that must be high fived about as well, so here we go!

Anniversaries and New Beginnings!

Some very special people celebrated anniversaries this past week High five and congrats to Tara, Katie, and Ali!

Another high five goes out to Felicia! She got engaged! School and Graduations!

High five to Chelsey who will be beginning her masters in August!High five to Paige who is currently studying for her group fitness certification!

High five to Lindsay, Heather, and Alex who all accomplished a huge academic milestone this past week graduation!

New Jobs!

High five to Chelsea, Mandy, and Jesselyn who will all be beginning new jobs in the near future!

Personal Bests!

High five to both Chelsey and Carrie who accomplished personal bests in the gym this week! Chelsey benched her own body weight and Carrie increased the weights for her bench squats.

New Blogs!

Sarah and Natalie both have new blogs for you to check out!And last, but certainly not least high fives without a category  ha!Abby broke her habit of chewing gum!

Gina did something she was afraid of and taught a class of drumming! Its always great to challenge yourself and do something that you are scared of!

Cheryl for throwing out her scale! Now that was definitely the biggest HFF ever If you have your own post

For my high five this week I will be high fiving myself for having my review post on the accommodations in Barbados recognized by the staff of Worthing Court Apartment and Hotel and being featured on their Facebook page!  I received a call from them yesterday morning while I was eating breakfast telling me how much they appreciated my review and would like to share it! It was such a nice thing to wake up to