High Five Friday #17

Dont forget! If you wrote a High Five Friday post of your own, there is a link up at the bottom of the post!Lindsay from In Sweetness and in Health says, I want to give myself a high five for recognizing that I want to really learn to love and appreciate my healthy, womanly body! My mom recently asked me if I wanted to look like a little girl after I had complained to her about my body not necessarily looking like I want it to.

Her asking me that made me realize that this insane skinny that I have wanted myself to look like is not at all the way that my body should look. AND more importantly, I dont want to look like a little girl. I love that looking at my body with this new perspective is really helping me love it more!

Kimberly from Redefining Kimberly says, I want to give myself a high five because last Saturday, I ran my 3rd 5K in 33 minutes, which was a full 45 seconds faster than my previous time. A new 5K PR!

Kat from Katalyst Health has two high fives for herself this week as her future and career are currently skyrocketing!

She says, First, I was contacted by a new magazine company and was asked to write an article for their first issue! The editor said the magazine (Miabella) will be released in August, and if it takes off, then I will be on board to write for their nutrition/fitness section! and second, I just got a pretty solid freelance writing gig that will allow me to share my love of nutrition and fitness with tons of different websites. If everything goes as planned, I may be able to leave my secretary job soon, and begin my dream as a health writer!

Annelle, a good friend of mine and long-time reader and supporter of A Dash of Meg, says, I am giving myself a high five for surprising myself with my running time in preparation for an upcoming race. This year, I registered for The Charity Road Race for The Heath Foundation which is a 5 km. I was only hoping that I could finish the race. Last night, decided to see how my time was, so I went out for a run. I completed the 5 km in 33 minutes and 20 seconds. I was so happy for myself! I just kept running and looking at objects to run to and wouldnt allow myself to walk until I got to the specified object. A month ago, I set a goal to finish the race in 26 minutes not even realizing how hard it would be to accomplish, but I am choosing to keep that same goal and see how close I can get to reaching it! I have never believed in myself, all through high school I was the worst during fitness tests and started to think I was unable to accomplish anything; however, I am pushing myself outside of my boundaries and am going to run this race!

Abby from Abz n Oats who works as a nurse says, I give myself a high five this week for successfully transferring over to night shifts!
Karen, an A Dash of Meg reader, says my high five for Friday is the fact I got my cast off last Friday, finally, and was able to get back into working out after a ridiculously long hiatus and Ive lost 10lbs!

Alexis from Pumped Pumpkin says, This week I am giving myself a high five because I am proud of finally accepting my body and seeing the good parts in the mirror instead of the bad. For years I picked at everything I didnt like big or small. After a few weeks of some indulgences and realizing how much better I looked in clothes AND in my bathing suit, I felt at peace. I realized we only have one body to live in so we shouldnt abuse it or hate it. There will always be improvements I can make but I might as well love my body the way it is now too!

Nancy from Spiffy Kerms says, I am giving myself a high five because I am so excited to be able to breathe again. Ive been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma and received an inhaler this week which is making it so much easier to breathe while working out. It made a world of a difference!

Jocelyn from Peace, Love, and Nutrition says, Im giving myself a high five this week because I reached my Birthday Goal of getting more than 200 readers to sign up for my Giveaway!

Megan from Weddings and Workouts gets a high five this week for kicking her magazine-buying addiction, Im kicking my magazine addiction! I would seriously buy about 15-20 magazines a month. Last week I bought none, and this week I bought one!

Maureen from Organically Mo gets a high five this week for running her first 5 k!

Alexandra from the old Fun Food and Free Weights blog is getting a high five for starting fresh and creating a new blog which is called, The Freckled Lifter!
Kristen from Confessions of a (Not-So) Domesticated Housewife gets a high five for buying and moving into a gorgeous new home this week!

Sable from Squat Like a Lady gets a high five for dealing with her hypothyroidism properly and finally feeling confident enough to enter the figure competition that she has been dreaming of entering for the past two years!

Brittany from Little bs Healthy Habitss Mom is getting a high five for going to the gym with Brittany and getting a gym membership this week!Brittany also gets a high five herself for having her blog for an entire year and a day!

Bess from Bess Be Fit gets a high five because her amazing blog surpassed the 1 million page views mark!Madeline from Food, Fitness, and Family gets a high five for celebrating her third wedding anniversary this week!

Katie from Healthy Diva Eats gets a high five for starting the marvelous event taking over the blog world every Monday from now on Marvelous Monday!

Julie from PB Fingers gets a high five for conducting a very successful interview with Ellie Krieger this week! You can read the interview here.

Stephanie from The Fitness Adventures gets a high five for signing a contract to buy her first home!
Megan from Detoxinista gets a high five for finally creating a Facebook page for her blog!
Tessa from Amazing Asset gets a high five for enjoying avocado sauce by the spoonful after she finished her dinner. She says, This is something I NEVER would have done not too long ago, becuase of the high calorie content of avocados. But now she thinks, Who cares if they are amazing for you.

Ali from Running with Spatulas gets a high five for doing a DIY project that she had pinned on one of her Pinterest boards!Heather from Better with Veggies gets a high five for her recipe for Coconut Curry Chikn and Spiced Corn being featured on Buzz Health Daily!

Stephanie from Stephanies Mommy Brain gets a high five for developing a group called Project 10: Real Women, Real Fitness which is a group that Stephanie has created due to her own frustration with diet/nutrition books that want [her] to eat food [she] cant afford (or my family wont eat) and exercise unrealistic amounts of time each day. Project 10 is a weekly link up for fitness and weight loss posts.
Make sure you check out Stephanies blog if you want to join in!
Lauren from Newest Obsession gets a high five for taking charge on being more productive throughout her day and spending less time on distractions such as websites like Facebook or Foodgawker. Lauren is now scheduling appointments for her Foodgawkering time.
Kelly from The No Sugar Sweet Life gets a high five for developing two very successful recipes, Strawberry Banana Greek Yogurt Bread and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread, which has received over 30,000 views and Pinterest pins just this month!

Jo from Living Mint Green gets a high five for developing a group called LMG Group Meal Plans which is a group designed to share recipes and create weekly meal plans. Jo has found that creating a weekly meal plan has helped her stay on track with her wellness goals, so if you want to join and have access to new and exciting recipes, read more about the LMG Group Meal Plans here.
Sarah from Feeeding the Brain and Body gets a high five for stepping out of her comfort zone and being spontaneous this past week! Sarah was supposed to work all week while her family vacationed in Orlando, but after her family left Sarah began regretting her decision to stay home and work. So, Sarah hopped on a plane (after getting time off from work, of course!) and flew to Orlando to spend time with her family!

Chelsea from One Healthy Munchkin gets a high five for planting her very first garden this year!Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life gets a high five for being so successful at her first ever attempt at doing a sock bun!

Deana, a friend that I have yet to meet and an A Dash of Meg reader, gets a high five for writing an incredible must-read blog post about bullying for mindyourmind.ca. If you have never heard of mindyourmind.ca before, it is a place for youth and emerging adults to access info, resources and tools during tough times. Deana has been volunteering for this organization since October 2011 and was invited to write a blog post for them. She has recently found out that she can now write posts for them whenever she wants!Trust me, this post is a must-read article! Its touching and incredibly moving.

And this week I will be giving myself a high five for getting creative with my nails! I found a DIY nail design on Pinterest this week and am pretty impressed with how it turned out