HFF #23

I know youre all excited for High Five Friday, but before we get the party started I have a few things to share first: If you are interested in the recipe for these please head on over to Kats blog as I wrote a guest post for her today which reveals this delicious recipe  I also wrote a guest post for Cheryl earlier this week and forgot to advertise! It is about making a negative situation or thought into a positive one, so I highly recommend that you click on this link and read it because who cant use a little more positivity in their life, right!?

You are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive and helpful with High Five Friday! This weeks HFF post received the most submissions yet! Now that makes me happy

A special thanks to all of those who emailed me submissions

Kelly says, This week Im giving myself a high five for getting THREE food photos/recipes accepted by I always get so giddy when they accept oneand this week it was three!! Heres a screenshot with my Vegetarian Double Decker Tacos: featured.

Brittany says, I weighed myself yesterday. I hate the scale with a burning passion because I dont think it accurately reflects the health of your body. However, in order to measure my progress besides taking pictures of my growing muscles, I have to check my weight every now and then. It had been about a month or so.

I really want to GAIN weight and I was terrified that maybe, just MAYBE, I had lost a few pounds. But I sucked it up and stepped on. Low and behold, I have in total gained THIRTEEN pounds! Thats big for me, very big.  I am very proud of myself and I feel like I have worked HARD (even though it seems EASY to gain weight, not so) to get where I am but I am not done yet! Not to mention that people who I know in person are coming to me for fitness and health (including mental, not just physical) advice and telling me how fit and muscular I am looking. It makes me feel on top of the world.

Krista says, I want to give myself a high five for getting married to the love of my life!!!

Thais says, I deserve a high five post this week because I finally took the jump and created my own blog a couple of days ago called eatsnmiles! Alex says, I am giving myself a High Five this week for challenging myself and accomplishing my July goal of running a 7-minute mile! Actually finishing it in 6:56!

Divya says, My high-five is that Ive been making transitions this week to move up to Northern California because I will be starting work in August as a first-year teacher!

Hannah says, I am giving myself a high five because this past week my husband and I moved into our first house together!! Im so grateful to be out of an apartment and into a place with a yard Krysten gets a high five for being chosen to be on the reality TV show, Make It Happen!

Lisa gets a high five for having a beautiful baby girl! <3 (Congrats, Lisa! She is beautiful!Cait gets a high five for dominating her last summer school paper!Leila gets a high five for participating in the Color Me Rad 5k!

Kristin gets a high five for completing my outdoor bodyweight circuit! (Looking good, girl! Lindsay gets a high five for running 4 miles for the first time in a while!

Ali gets a high five for buying her first car!Ashley gets a high five for starting kettlebell boot camp this week!Bry gets a high five for being interviewed on About Muscle!Jamie gets a high five for getting married!Nancy gets a high five for making homemade pizza! Yum!

Madeline gets a high five for kicking her booty with one of my workouts Lils gets a high five for doing something she has been procrastinating on doing ever since I met her publishing a how to vlog on hair styling!

Brittany gets a high five for challenging herself (and us!) to drink more water!Michelle gets a high five for creating July goals for herself!Heather and Matty get a high five for taking their first ever couple vacation!christina and Dean get a high five for trying crossfit for the first time!

Danielle and Jess both get high fives for arranging a blogger meet up with fellow Canadian bloggers and blog readers! Its hard to get a group of people together, so high five to these ladies! (I totally wish I was there by the way!

Linz gets a high five for trying crossfit for the first time!Heather gets a high five for registering for her second iron man!Annelle gets a high five for becoming the newest Scentsy consultant!Janetha gets a high five for celebrating her second wedding anniversary!

Ellyn gets a high five for winning my first ever giveaway for About Time protein powder!Sara gets a high five for being so positive and bringing a smile to me with every post she writes!

I firmly believe that no matter how crazy or busy or relaxing or quiet or manic or dare I say it, boring any given day is, it ALWAYS contains something good. ALWAYS.
Tara gets a high five for loving her body as it is!

I secretly love the fact that I have had five people in the past week tell me that I look like I’ve gotten bigger, despite the fact I’m dieting and actively trying to get smaller. I love that two of those people, who are men, told me they wished they had arms like mine.
And this week I am giving myself a high five for challenging myself in a variety of different ways
Taking a circuit class at my gym for the first time! I tend to shy away from classes because I like how I workout and get stuck in a groove, but it was so refreshing to try something new and push myself in new ways!

Making two recipes from other blogs yesterday! I often look at a recipe and use it as inspiration I have such a hard time actually following a recipe, but I did it twice yesterday