Marvelous Me!?

I must confess, all day Sunday I was in some sort of funk. I was not my normal happy, positive self. I was just blah. I blamed it on the lack of sleep I got over the weekend, but in reality I think it was just me.

You see, I am a worry wart. A huge worry wart. And on Sunday numerous unnecessary worries occupied too much of my time and stole my positive attitude away. This funky attitude I had on Sunday carried on to Monday morning. I went to the gym to workout in hopes to switch my mood around, but it didnt work. I even tried faking it until I felt it, but that didnt work either. I told myself over and over again that I am in control of my thoughts and I have the power to change my attitude, but I still had so many worries occupying my mind and I couldnt shake them.

Then, something marvelous happened that instantly made my spirits lift and negative thoughts disappear A wonderful friend of mine sent me a package in the mail that not only brought me to tears, but also made me realize that I am marvelous!

So many emotions were felt when I opened this package. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend and love her more than she knows

Seeing the words, Marvellous Meg, also reminded me of Caitlins Amazing Me post. If you havent checked out her post, you definitely should. Caitlin had a beautiful idea of creating an ongoing list of things that make her amazing. Her idea had a big impact on me and I have been thinking of writing my own Amazing Me post ever since I read about hers. I am not sure why I didnt just do it, but once I saw Marvellous Meg written on my package, I realized that if others think I am marvellous I should, too!

Now that I have been reminded that I am in fact marvellous, I have created a new page on my blog which I will continue to update as I think of more things that make me marvellous or amazing!I must give a special thanks to Caitlin for creating and sharing her beautiful idea, Amazing Me.

I must also give another special thanks to Chelsey who was able to make me realize that I am marvellous when my mood and thoughts were telling me otherwise.Thank you girls  You both are amazing and I am so grateful to have both of you in my life!

I invite all of you to join me and create your own Amazing Me or Marvellous Me page. If you do not have a blog, take a sheet of paper and make an ongoing list on that! If you want it on your computer, I love using the app Evernote for making lists! Give that a try if youd like

Like I said, I will be updating this page frequently because the things that make me marvellous and amazing are endless!Tell me one thing (or more) that makes you amazing and marvellous! Now what was in that marvellous package I received!? Chelsey knows me so well; it was filled with tea! Chelsey had a wonderful idea of giving me little containers filled with different types of tea such as orange pekoe, earl grey, organic fair trade green leaves, a rooibos, and a flavoured oolong (that smells absolutely heavenly by the way!)

She also filled several containers with add ins such as mulberries, goji berries, black currants, apricot pieces, and cherries! I can add these to tea bags for a more personalized tea! I am going to have so much fun with this

Chelsey also sent me a bag of her current favourite tea, Pomegranate, which is a white tea.

Since Chelsey said it was her favourite tea, I immediately steeped myself a cup (ok, I had three cups you know I cant just stop at one)

Since I had three cups of this tea in a single afternoon I clearly loved it. I am usually not the biggest fan of fruity teas, but this is definitely an exception! It wasnt bitter and it tasted wonderful both hot and cold!

Thanks again Chelsey for the wonderful package that made my Monday truly marvellous

Its quite ironic that Chelsey sent me a package to make my own tea blends actually because yesterday I wrote about making my own tea from the herbs from my garden!

A few of you seemed to be quite interested in how I did this exactly, so let me share! I simply put 1 2 teaspoons of herbs into my tea bag made for loose leaf tea and steeped it until flavourful! Easy peasy Like I mentioned yesterday, I used lemon verbena when I made my homemade tea for the first time, but I have a chocolate mint herb plant that I assume would make a delicious tea, as well