Cheeseball title, I know. But I had to because I knew my girl would get a kick out of it  Now that August is here, I thought it would be a great idea to do a post about my goals for the month! But, before we do that we must take a look back and see how I did with those July goals!

Do one unassisted pull up
I made this goal because I did my first unassited chin up in June. I thought my unassisted pull up would follow not too far behind, but I was wrong. No unasstsed pull up this month, but I would like to say that I can do three unassisted chin ups now and I can do more assisted pull ups at a single time!

Ill keep working on this goal Share five meatless recipes on my blog Over the course of July I wanted to share five meatless recipes (one for each Meatless Monday of the month). Even though not all of the meatless recipes shared were posted on a Monday, I did manage to share many meatless recipes throughout July!

Tofu Scallops Wrapped in Eggplant Bacon Ginger Peach Protein Shake Raspberry Cheesecake Protein ShakeBlackberry Cardamom Chocolate Protein ShakeSesame Crusted Tofu TLT Salad Sauteed Garlicy Eggplant Grilled Kale Kale, Beet, and Walnut Salad Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream  My Go-To Pancake Recipe Buckwheat Crepes Chocolate Brownie and Raspberry Parfait

Coffee Protein Ice Cream

I have to say, I really enjoyed this goal. I have been eating more tempeh, tofu, and other meatless protein sources than ever before and I love it! I am going to continue creating and sharing meatless recipes with you because I will be participating in Heathers Meatless Monday A Z Challenge! If this is a challenge that appeals to you, make sure you join in on the fun! This coming Mondays meatless meal has to involve artichokes!

Try a class at the gym I did this! I attended a class at my gym called “Circuit Workout.” It was taught by my friend from high school and I had a lot of fun! Our workout looked something like this. I enjoyed taking the class (it definitely challenged me as it was much different than the workouts I do), but I much prefer working out on my own and getting into the zone if ya know what I mean

Participate in Katies Photo a Day
I did this! I slacked on posting the pictures in my Facebook album every day, though. However, I took some time to post them yesterday becayse I did want you to be able to see my pictures, so you can follow this link to see all 31 pictures!

I really enjoy taking pictures, so I started another photo-a-day challenge yesterday! Go kayaking
Two months in a row this didnt happen! In June the weather wasnt “kayaking weather”, but July was beautiful. We could have gone many of times, but it just didnt happen. I do have exciting news though we are going this weekend! We have two kayaks at my cottage, so my Dad and I will finally have our kayak date <3

Try your recipes
I am really proud about this one

I tried so many of your recipes throughout July and they were all delicious! I have a huge list of recipes (that I keep adding to) that I still need to try, so this goal will stay for the month of August! I think it is so much fun trying other peoples recipes as well as creating my own. I am a really creative person, so I often modify recipes, but this goal really challenged me to make the recipes “as is.” It was so much fun and I am really proud of myself! Here are the recipes I tried in July:

Vanila Limeade by Rande (I make this frequently)Carrot Cake Batter Shake by Laura (I made this twice)

I topped my shake with my favourite cereal (Ezekiel 4:9 Original) and a scoop of walnut butter

Volumous Oatmeal by Kristi (I made this twice)

The first time I made Kristis Volumous Oatmeal I made a lemon blueberry flavoured bowl of oats and the second time I made a chocolate and raspberry combination.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust by Laura

Grain-Free Chocolate Cake by Kelly

Tangy Green Dressing by Christine

Cookie Dough Cereal by Gina

Read the Bible daily
I have stuck to this goal and it feels so good  The more time I spend with God the better I feel

Read a book
I didnt accomplish this one. Too busy reading blogs Have a Mother-Daughter movie night We did have a movie  night, but my Dad was there too. We love him, so we let him join in on the fun

Paint my room
I did not paint my room because I was on the search for bedding first. But, I do have exciting news! On Tuesday night I found bedding! So, the painting will be taking place this month! I went looking for paint colours yesterday

Take a trip
I took three trips in July! The first trip I made was a solo trip to Regina to visit my Grandma, the second was to London with my Mom to speak about leadership for Brescias Girls LEAD Camp, and the third trip was to Regina again with a best friend of mine

Invest in either a maxi dress or coloured jeans (or both!)
Dont be surprised that this shopaholic purchased both of these items in July  I found the perfect pair of salmon coloured jeans in London at a boutqiue called Skirt And I found an adorable maxi dress in Yorkton at Uptown Casuals

Being OK with not being perfect
I loved this goal and I am so happy I wrote it down. Writing things down really forces me to commit to them. I can honestly say that I have improved on not being perfect and worrying about being perfect. Throughout the month of July I have really learnt to just relax. I can definitely continue working on this goal, though so I will!

As you can see, some of these goals will carry on throughout the month of August, but I do want to introduce one new goal for the month of August

I want to work on breaking down my idols. I mentioned Lindsays post earlier this week, but I am going to talk about it again (because it was that good). Lindsays post really spoke to me and it was something I needed to read. I love blogging and I love interacting with my friends through social media, but I can see that I spend too much time on the computer, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foodgawker, etc.

Over the month of August I want to limit the time that I spend on the computer and just live. I think this will really help me appreciate the beautiful life that I have even more than I do already. There is so much more to life than a computer screen. I am definitely not saying that I will not be blogging or reading your blogs anymore blogging is part of my life and I hope it always will be; however, I am going to be in school again starting September 6th and will not have as much time as I do now for blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, Foodgawker, etc., so I think that if I limit my computer time now I will find it easier to get into a routine with my school work and blogging once school starts.

I am really excited for August! I have been waiting for it to come all summer! I have so many exciting things planned, but the most exciting thing that will be happening to me this month is definitely HLS!

I cant wait to travel with this girl, be roomies with these two girls, get a hug from my long lost sister, eat seafood with my seafood loving twin, and spend lots of time with manyother amazing, lovely women