Thanks for all of your support regarding the big news I shared with you yesterday! Eddie and I both very excited to move to Saskatchewan and start our life together. We arrived back in London late last night and will be cherishing each moment we have together before he moves to Saskatchewan this weekend

Over the past few months Ive been fortunate enough to get to know Steph Gaudreau, the creator of Stupid Easy Paleo, through emails and blogging and form a friendship with her. I consider Steph to be a good friend of mine and I admire her greatly as she is so knowledgeable about nutrition, health, and fitness. She is also a really sweet person that genuinely cares about others. When Steph proposed the idea of reviewing her new ebook, The Paleo Athlete, to me I was in awe.

I received Stephs ebook a couple of weeks before the release date and finished it quickly. I couldnt stop reading it and now Im excited to share it with you! I hope you enjoy my review and grab yourself a copy of her amazing ebook!

Steph begins with her story she introduces her readers to her life; beginning from her childhood. I loved that she did this it allowed me to feel much closer to her and I couldnt help but smile when I realized that we had very similar journeys throughout childhood and onto high school

Like Steph, I was a very active child. Steph participated in many different sports as a child, but mainly soccer, and I was an dedicated dancer (jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop… I did it all!) But then both Steph and I stopped playing sports once high school came around and got a job.
After Steph introduces herself, she explains what Paleo is.

She explains the basics, but also touches on how she doesnt like labels, which made me love her and this eBook even more. Yet again, another thing Steph and I have in common we hate labels. So, even though this eBook is called the Paleo Athlete, remember Steph is providing us with the useful information about how to fuel our active lifestyles with whole foods. Nutrients dense whole foods something that I focus on, as well.
After explaining what Paleo is and the foods it includes and avoids, Steph introduces the macros protein, fat, and carbohydrate. She describes each one, how it affects the body, and the importance of each. She puts special focus on carbohydrates, though. In a section called Carbology 101 Steph takes time demystifying the confusion about carbohydrates.

After explaining each macronutrient and the recommended amounts of each, Steph begins to talk about the importance of nutrient timing. I particularly loved this section as I already knew nutrient timing was important, but Steph provides more information that I will be applying to my life now. Not only does she touch on nutrient timing the importance of pre- and post-workout meals, but she also talks about the different types of pre-workout meals needed depending on the time you train.

I also really enjoyed that Steph provides information for those wanting to lose weight, but also for those wanting to gain weight, as well, which, I find, very difficult to find since most books, articles, etc. focus more on weight loss than weight gain. Its really hard to find a book that provides both types of information, but Steph did a miraculous job at providing each!

Not only does Steph focus on pre- and post-workout nutrition for those wanting to either gain or lose weight, she also focuses on the different types of pre- intra- and post-workout meals depending on what type of activity you do! For and example, she provides different information for powerlifters than she does crossfitters! And she breaks everything down into nice, easy to read charts! Its wonderful and stupid easy just the way Steph likes it

After providing all the different recommendations for the types, amounts, and timing of the different macronutrients, Steph still points out that every one is unique she actually refers to us as being unique snowflakes, which made me smile 🙂 I love that Steph emphases on doing what works for you and really listening to your own unique needs despite all of the valuable information she has provided for us.

Its important always listen to yourself and do what is best for you. Only you know what makes you feel best!
Things start to get specific 100 pages in when Steph starts to share tips on how to plan for events such as triathlons, Crossfit competitions, etc. I enjoyed reading over this section even though I dont plan to do a competition in my future. Steph provided a lot of great advice about nutrition from weeks before your competition all the way up to the day of your event!

Not only does Paleo Athlete focus on the importance of proper nutrition and training, it also focuses on the importance of rest days, how to recover, and manage your stress levels. I already know the importance of rest days youre not going to find me in the gym 7 days a week but, this section taught me a lot about the difference between rest and recovery. Much of what I learnt in this section will be implemented in my life now.

After covering all the important topics (nutrition, rest, and training), Steph answers some frequently asked questions in a FAQs section. All of the questions addressed have ran through my head at least once, so it was nice to hear Stephs take on them! She gives straight-to-the-point answers, which I loved!
If the FAQs section didnt help enough, Steph also provides troubleshooting flowcharts, which provide answers (the whys and fixes) to any issues you may be experiencing (ie. lack of energy, unfavourable body composition, etc

The book ends with countless meal ideas for your pre- and postworkout meals, snacks, and full recipes!
Overall, I thoroughly loved Paleo Athlete and would recommend it to absolutely anyone even if you know a lot about nutrition and training already. I believe there is always something else to learn. And I love Stephs writing, so it was not only an educational read, but a fun read, too. If you read Stephs blog (which you most definitely should!), you already know she has a great sense of humour and writing style, which definitely comes through in her ebook, as well!

After reading Paleo Athlete these are some of the things I will be implementing into my life:
No longer setting my alarm to wake up, have breakfast, and go to the gym all before my 9:30 am class. I will allow myself to wake up on my own time and not wake up early just so I can get my workout in early. I believe I and my training will really benefit from this!
Start recovering on my off days. On my days away from the gym, I usually rest, but now I want to put more effort into recovering foam rolling, mobility exercises and stretches, etc.

Start an evening bedtime ritual! I want to eliminate the use of my computer, cell phone, and exposure to other blue light an hour before bed and spend that hour doing something relaxing like taking a bubble bath!
Finish reading It Starts With Food and complete my first Whole 30 to learn more about myself and how foods affect me!

Are you interested in reading the Paleo Athlete? What section of the book would be of most interest to you? Do you read Stupid Easy Paleo?